Clever Accessories for Clever Mobility

We design innovative items to simplify and bring fun to the use of current urban mobility solutions in our everyday commute, alone or with kids.

Our products are accessories – items we could go without… or not. It’s up to us to design them in a way that ignites interest. And be compatible with as many situations and mobility means as possible. Our accessories are highly technical but they remain affordable.

At Clever, functionality is our first goal. Our products are useful, this is their primary purpose. But in order to be clever a product needs to be more than that. Our objective is to make their use as simple and as practical as possible.

For us, intuitive functionality leads to aesthetical simplicity: we love purity in shapes that are simple and delicate.

This is what we have in mind when we are at the conception of each new idea: practical and functional, simple and pure, universal and affordable, always innovative. This is the Clever hallmark: more than simple accessories that contribute to lighten up our commute, whatever the mobility mode or circumstances.

In addition to our flagship technical products, we also design items that can be used to decorate or personalise your scooter or your bicycle, as long as they remain innovative and have the potential to make mobility more fun.

We embody Clever when we marry fun and functionality.