AboUt Us

Starting from a simple idea, Clever Accessories has become a passion. Getting inspiration from our everyday life, our cities, and our – not always easy – commutes with our kids. We create products that are compatible with current mobility challenges, to make our commutes more simple and fun. We innovate and have fun doing so.

It all started on a rainy February morning next to the St Joseph church in 11th district in Paris. Two young boys were on their kick scooters and their dads were uncomfortably trying hard to push their kids while having a discussion. The future founder of Clever Accessories walked by just behind them… The idea of a push bar appeared to be the obvious solution to their dilemma.

 At that time, there were no similar products on the market. The initial idea broadened rapidly with additional ideas, and became a project. It was a real challenge – start from scratch with no experience in a new industry…

The initial objective was to go fast… but it took a bit longer than expected. The process required putting in place and bringing together a team of engineers and designers, imagining solutions, testing prototypes, abandoning failed ideas, improving potential ones, finding manufacturing partners, and persisting… always with the objective to arrive at a simple, practical and affordable innovative product. Yes, the Clever accessories have a story to tell which can’t necessarily be seen when you hold the product in your hands.

The fact that Micro got interested in our solutions was a first recognition. A partnership with the leading scooter brand is the perfect launching ramp for our first products manufactured in one of their partner production units.

We are already working on additional products to enlarge our offering. We are eager to continue this adventure with ideas not only for kick scooters but for all the ecological urban mobility. On wheels, flying or… on foot.