Parent Push Bar

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Parent Push Bar

Transforming the scooter into an easy mobility solution with kids, without hurting your back


Kick scooters are an excellent means to walk in the city with children. But as all parents know, we need to give them a hand from time to time, to toddlers on their seats as well as to bigger kids even when they have already mastered scooter riding. Sometimes this need for parental help is urgent.

The end of your worries! Our patented push bar is specially designed for that. When kids are tired, when we are in a hurry, when we want to control their movements or help them, on a slope, crowded pavements, intersections, etc.

Kids love it and parents too.

And the push bar is light and easy to carry once folded, even in a handbag.


Separate fastening - push bar: push bar clicked/un-clicked without bending down



  • Universal: Mini and Maxi Micro, Globber, Oxelo and almost all other 2 and 3*-wheeled scooter models (* 2 front wheels)
  • Practical: easy set up & can be left on the scooter
  • Doesn’t get in the way of the child when braking or on the scooter

  Push bar
  • Adjustable and easy to carry once folded (38 cm)
  • Pivoting bar adapted to all heights
  • Attached in the rear, it allows parents to provide added surveillance to their child
  • Improves stability if front wheels trip over an obstacle
  • Light and solid

Folded/unfolded + clicked/un-clicked in less than 5 sec.